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Overview & Full Specifications of Zero B Sapphire Water Purifier(RO)


Zero B Sapphire is Wall - Mount RO with India’s only water purifier with HEPTAPURE TECHNOLOGY, that ensures the water you drink is safe from lead, pesticides, bacteria and other harmful toxins.

  1. 7 stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification process
  2. Consumes less space, wall mount, compact, elegant looks
  3. Automatic tank level control


The Zero B Sapphire Water Purifier is a 7 stage purification RO system using Heptapure technology. It promises to deliver absolutely pure water that is free from pesticides, lead, bacteria and other harmful micro organisms and toxins. 
This wall mountable water purifier has a water storage capacity of 6 litres. With all other added features, this water purifier can give energized and clean drinking water with international standard purity. This water purifier is an impressive choice for all Indian homes with modular kitchen to get healthy drinking water at reasonable price. 

Design and Dimensions:

This wall-mountable water purifier is made of food-grade plastic material. It measures 275 x 230 x 370 mm in dimension and weighs about 12 kg, hence has a compact feature. It looks awesome and elegant in white color with beautiful and glowing transparent tank with LED to indicate water level. The tank is detachable, hence enables easy usage and cleaning.

Water Purification Technology:

This Zero B Sapphire water purifier comes with 7 stage purification process using advanced Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification technology and Heptapure technology. The RO Membrane filter effectively removes waterborne micro organisms and other contaminants from the water. The filter cartridges used in this water purifier comprises pre-filtration, high-Q filtration, bacteriostatic activated carbon cartridge, sediment cartridge, reverse osmosis membrane ESPA, resin carbon cartridge, post RO purifier. The activated carbon purification filter is silver-impregnated. The pre-filter comes with an easy cleaning arrangement along with a filter bag. The RO Membrane filter helps in getting rid of waterborne micro organisms and heavy metals. The post RO filter helps in enhancing the taste of water.

Other Features:

This Zero B Sapphire water purifier has other features including sliding tank lock, automatic tank level control, low pressure/low fouling membrane and over voltage & over current protection feature.

Zero B Sapphire Water Purifier(RO) Specs

No of Purification stages: 7
Purification Technology: RO
Storage Capacity: 6 Litre(s)
Filter Cartridge: Activated Carbon Filter
Type of Water Purifier: Storage Type